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Jacksonville Westside Area

Cruising the Westside

This month we rode around parts of the Westside to get a few pictures and to check on the changes that have been made over the last year. My oldest daughter lived on the Westside for a few years but decided to move closer to her job and us 2 years ago so we haven’t had to make any trips there in a while. There have been some growth in the area and there are plans for a lot more. Some would say that it is cheaper to live on the Westside but lately it hasn’t been any safer.

As with most of the areas around Jacksonville, Florida we seem to include outlying areas from other counties are part of our own. Orange Park and Middleburg is a prime example as they are both part of Clay County but many of their residents work in the Jacksonville are and they are seen as sort of suburbs of Jacksonville by most residents. To that end we will be adding them to this blog soon.

In the mean time enjoy some of the pictures we have taken of those areas below:

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